Sunday, 26 October 2014

Rosey Apple Candle

This gorgeous candle was a gift from a lovely friend of mine for my 18th birthday. I always have candles burning so this was the perfect present. The candle is from a shop called 'Ellie Ellie' and upon browsing their website I found they sell the cutest, most gorgeous gifts. 

The candle chosen for me was the 'Retro Sweet Scent Rosey Apples Candle'. It came in a white box, with the words 'The Happiest and Sweetest Of Days' written along the front, (how cute is that?). I think a description of the scent cannot do it justice, however I would describe it as a combination of sweets and apples. The smell is strong but not too overpowering which is exactly what I like. 

My friend had chosen to customise the candle making it even more special and personal with the words 'Happy Birthday Eva!'. I have used the candle now and then since the end of august and despite its size, the candle is still burning. 

I'm really looking forward to buying my friends and family gifts from here and hope they love them as much as I love my gift. 

Have you been given any lovely gifts recently or have a favourite gift shop? 


  1. Replies
    1. It is! The candle just smells so amazing... thanks for visiting my blog :) x

  2. This is such a cute gift idea! I might try it!

    1. Yes you should! They do such lovely things! Thanks for visiting my blog :) x

  3. What a lovely gift idea and the scent sounds lovely! I'll have to go and have a browse now... xxx